A Short Yoga History

Yoga History

Yoga began its development into civilization some 10,000 years ago through the Tantric custom. Shiva being the essential figure in a majority of these found statutes gives evidence to the historic doctrine that denotes Shiva as the creator of the yogic method.

In the yogic tradition, Shiva is traditionally considered to be the image of supreme consciousness. Counter power and his companion is Parvati, who signifies supreme knowledge, will and action. For about the is additionally responsible for many development as she is the acting force inside the cosmos. This pressure or energy is also called kundalini shakti, the cosmic pressure which is dormant within all living beings. Our Rusty is also regarded as the mother of the whole universe. Her grace and guidance is responsible for the liberation of the soul, releasing the individuals in the bondage of worldly matter. Concho mentioned to be imparted to people through Parvati out of love and compassion for her kids. Yoga was an indication an extension of the Tantric method. Just as Parvati and Shiva are inseparable, therefore too are tantra as well as the yogic system.

Tantra is produced from two Sanskrit words, these of tanoti and trayati. Trayati signifies Tanoti literally translated as expansion and liberation. We could then assume that tantra is the scientific discipline of liberating the power called shakti within the body and enlarging the consciousness. Tantra is the way to attain liberation from the bondage is of the planet in the physical identification together with the body and things associated with it.

In tantra we pursue the route of liberation by first comprehension and gaining insight into the limits and capacities of the body and mind. After we’ve comprehended these limits, we then start to research the expansion of consciousness which eventually results in the liberation of energy in the body. After we’ve crossed these various degrees the individual consciousness enlarges and is liberated to the worldwide consciousness which permeates through the entire universe.

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