Forest Sketches from Zoe Aoyama

Zoe Aoyama is an exciting new talent on the outdoor sketching and painting scene and Museo Chiribaya is excited to be showcasing some of her work in an upcoming exhibit entitled, Forests – Guardians of Mystery.

Zoe has been sketching with colored pencils and painting in Acrylics for seven years. She became an artist after testing out some interesting and varied career paths, including an attempt to become a gemologist, a psychologist, a cartoonist, and even a chocolatier. Yum! It could have been a delicious career!

Zoe decided to become an artist, because as she put it, “I’m already used to having no money.” She recalls that her family spent whatever they had on the latest gadgets and gear. Part of Zoe’s love for nature comes from a desire to reconnect with the basics.



We’ll keep you posted on the full exhibition, which will be arriving soon. In the meantime, enjoy this small taste of what’s to come.

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